Are Slotted Rotors Better!

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Are slotted rotors better? This is a question that has been asked by many people who are interested in automotive repair and performance. There are pros and cons to both slotted and non-slotted rotors, which we will explore in this post.

By the end of this post, you should have a good understanding of which type of rotor is best for your needs. so, the question arise by many roots users is that

” Are Slotted rotors Better or not? “.

We’ll explore that question here.

Now you don’t need to spend lots of time searching on the web to find out the answer.

We’ve done all the research for you, and broken down everything you need to know about slotted and non-slotted brake rotors.

Non-Slotted Rotors

Are Slotted Rotors Better


  • A lot of drivers who have non-slotted rotors say that they work very well, and they do not experience any problems with them.
  • One of the most common reasons that people get non-slotted rotors is because they believe that they will get better stopping power with them.
  • Non-slotted rotors are almost always cheaper, which is why they are the most common type of brake rotor that people get.


  • Many samples of non-slotted rotors that are made for everyday driving conditions get warped easily, which makes the stopping power go down.
  • This usually happens when people do not change their brake pads as often as they should and the rotors get hot and cool down unevenly.
  • Non-slotted rotors do not have any ventilation holes or fins on them, the brakes get very hot and this can cause warping.

Slotted Rotors

Are Slotted Rotors Better


  • People who change their brake pads as often as they should and use slotted rotors will experience very little warping if any at all.
  • Slotted rotors help to push air bubbles out from underneath the brake pad, which prevents the braking surface from getting hot and warping.
  • Slotted rotors are very effective at clearing away dirt, grit and other contaminants from the brake pads. Because of this, slotted rotors can help you to have a very smooth brake pedal feel.
  • Slotted rotors have ventilation holes in them, the brake pedal will not get as hot and this means that you can brake longer before they fade or overheat.


  • Because of their design, slotted rotors are not as effective at clearing away contaminants from the brake pad as cross drilled rotors.


Are Slotted Rotors Better

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Are Slotted Rotors Better

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In a word, yes. Slotted rotors are better than solid rotors for the following reasons:


They dissipate Friction


When a brake pad engages with the rotor, it creates friction. Friction creates heat and this is what causes brakes to fade when you do not have an adequate cooling system. By adding slots to your rotor, this dissipates the heat more efficiently than a solid rotor would.


They are less likely to warp


Because slotted rotors have more contact area, they transfer the pressure from braking more evenly. This prevents uneven warping which can cause vibrations while driving.

Vented and slotted rotors are better in the same way that a combination of a drive belt and serpentine belt is better than a single drive belt. They work together to create a stronger, more consistent power transfer system.


So called "performance rotors"


Many people like to buy so called "performance rotors". These are rotors that feature slots, ventilation holes, and sometimes cross drilling.


There is nothing wrong with them except the fact that they are not necessarily better than stock rotors. With that said, their added airflow can be helpful when you need to dissipate more heat than the stock rotors were designed to handle.

Yes, in the sense that they will help dissipate heat faster. However, if you are towing a heavy load, it is essential that you have heavy duty brake components whether or not you have slotted rotors.

Yes, they can be machined for slotted rotors.

Drilled rotors are better for dusting off water buildup if you live in an area that experiences regular rain showers. Otherwise, slotted rotors are actually better because they dissipate heat from braking.


Drilled rotors have been known to crack under the extreme heat and pressure that occurs when braking which could cause an accident.


There is no definite answer to the question of whether slotted or non-slotted rotors are better.

It is up to you and your personal preference as it relates to what you want from your brake rotors. In most cases, slotted rotors will be more effective at keeping your brakes cool and preventing warping.

However, this is not always the case.

If you are thinking about getting new brake rotors, make sure that you research different types of brake rotor materials (such as steel, carbon-ceramic, etc.), as well as slotted versus non-slotted rotor designs.

This will help you to make an informed decision about which type of brake rotor is best for your needs.

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