Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches – Buying Guide

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Sometimes you wish you could cut the branches on the high trees with your cordless saw. But when you are on a ladder, it is hard to focus on cutting the tree branch while staying safe.

This is not fun for your body or for your mood. Many people are in this same boat too.

There are many reasons you find yourself on a ladder trying to cut the branches. Maybe you are tired of that tree scratching your car or scratching building.

You can’t keep making excuses for this happening, and it happened again because you wanted something done at once.

The best cordless saw is just a cordless pole saw. There are several battery-operated power saws on the market for tree branches.

This guide will point you in the right direction.

You may have come here because you want to know about pole saws and get one.

The best way is to look at these five. We looked at lots of polesaws. These five are the best for cutting tree branches.

I wanted to give you all the information you need about pole saws. There are sections on how to buy one, when to use it, and what safety precautions to take.

The Top 5

Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

But what if you could get all of that done in just minutes? Now with this list, you’ll be able to pick out one of these five best cordless saws for cutting tree branches so that next time your trees need trimming or pruning, you won’t have any excuse not to do it yourself!

best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

1- Greenworks Pro 80V 10 inch Brushless Cordless Polesaw

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best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

2- WEN 40421 40V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Pole Saw

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best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

3- Ryobi ONE+ 8 in. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

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best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

4- WORX WG323 20V Power Share 10" Cordless Pole/Chain Saw

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best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

5- Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw

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There are so many advantages to using a cordless chainsaw over a gas-powered chainsaw: It’s cleaner because there’s no exhaust from a gas engine; quieter because there’s no engine noise and no start-up and shut-off noise; it’s safer because there’s no fuel to spill or exhaust fumes, and it’s more environmentally friendly because there are no emissions.

1- Greenworks Pro 80V 10 inch Brushless Cordless Polesaw

best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

We will start with the Greenworks 20672 pole saw. It is amazing, and you can use it for a long time before needing to stop. It weighs 8.36 lbs and is strong enough to cut branches from trees without any problems.

It has two pole adjustments for different range heights, and you can shorten it to 6-foot if you need to.

This telescoping pole saw is more than enough for light duty home use. It has a 10 amp motor that delivers power directly into the blade which will make quick work of branches.

The cutting length of this model is 12 feet, and it can be adjusted from 7 feet to 12 feet to give you greater cutting length.

One thing that is great about this cordless pole saw is its battery life. It will last for at least an hour on a full charge.

The chain needs tightening after about every 10 minutes of work, but the rest of the time you are working with the machine.

  • It is light, powerful and easy to use once you get used to it.
  • The Greenworks pole saw does not come with a case, but the manufacturer sells one separately.
  • It is easy to carry around and take to jobs. You can use it easily in tight spaces because of its short length.
  • This model has technology that makes starting it easier than other 5-6 amp models on the market.
  • The motor stops when you release the trigger. There are three chains that come with it, and you can purchase extra ones if you need to.

This is a great light duty pole saw for cutting branches from trees without spending too much money.

2- WEN 40421 40V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Pole Saw

best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

The Worx WG323 PowerShare 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw and Chainsaw is one of the most popular power tools from the company. It’s a great device for getting rid of the ladder when you want to chop down branches up to 12 feet tall with the 10″ bar and chain.

You’ll appreciate how swiftly the pole truly, this is one of the best electric pole saws you can find when it comes to versatility.

You’ll not have to worry about operating it in situations where there are no power outlets around because it has a built-in battery that allows you to take the Worx WG323 PowerShare 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw and ChainsThis is one of the few chainsaws for cutting branches that have 2-in-1 functionality.

One mode lets you use it as a pole saw, and another allows you to use it as a chain saw for heavier cutting tasks.

This model comes with an innovative design that makes extending or retracting even easier than before. You can use it his model is for people who need a two-in-one power saw for cutting tree branches.

It has the chain of chain saws and the telescopic pole of pole saws. This dual functionality makes it one of the best electric chainsaws on the market because you only need to carry around one device that does both things exceptionally well.

This power tool has a button at the bottom of the pole so you can turn it on or off without lowering the pole. It also has a battery that snaps in at the base of the pole and on the chainsaw itself when using it without the pole. The power tool also automatically lubricates to make cutting smoother and easier, as well.

3- Ryobi ONE+ 8 in. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

The Ryobi One+ Pole Saw is a good choice for keeping trees looking tidy. It can cut branches that are up to 6 inches in diameter, which means it can cut branches that are thicker than most other chainsaws.

The in-line motor and the cutting head with a slant makes it easy to move around in your house. You do not have to worry about it being too tight.

The Ryobi 36V Pole Saw comes with a 3-year warranty and an 18V battery that can be fully recharged in around 30 minutes.

Other features include an adjustable pole length of between 6.5 and 9.5 feet, automatic bar and chain oiling, and a visible clear-view oil fluid window so you can check the oil. Remington RM1025P Ranger 10-Inch 8.5-Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw

 It has a 10” Oregon bar and chain for cutting branches up to 10 inches in diameter. It has an 8 1/2 amp motor that’s powerful enough for daily use, yet still not too heavy.

4- WORX WG323 20V Power Share 10" Cordless Pole/Chain Saw

best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

Wen has packed the best in pole saw technology into this 40V battery-operated tree branch feller for you. It comes with a lightweight brushless motor that helps to extend the product’s life while limiting maintenance requirements.

With a telescopic pole capable of cutting branches up to 7 feet tall, it is ideal for trimming trees and shrubs in’ll be able to easily cut through branches that are 6 inches in diameter with its 13-inch bar and chain.

This product comes with a locking telescopic handle so you can set the pole at different heights between 6 feet 10 inches to 8 feet 3 inches using an adjustable collar system.

It’s also short enough to fit into the’ll be able to cut branches up to 6 inches in diameter with the 13-inch bar and chain.

The product’s dual mode cutting head has a bypass function for effortlessly slicing through thicker branches, while the lower position is designed for precise pruning work. It also comes with an automatic oiling system; thus; you will not need to also have a battery indicator to inform you when it’s time to recharge.

And with a quick 30-minute charge, you’ll be ready to go again in no time at all. This model comes with a 36V 4Ah Li-Ion battery and charger, as well as a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This product is can cut branches up to 6 inches in diameter with the 13-inch bar and chain.

lightweight, safe and also have a variable speed trigger that can be used to control the power of your cuts. And thanks to its automatic oiling system, this pole saw won’t need you to manually add or adjust any oil while working because it will do that for you.

The head of the chainsaw can turn to see where you want to cut. That way you don’t have to search around for the best cutting angles.

This chainsaw has a great motor. It can cut branches as big as 8 inches wide. The battery spins the motor really fast, which means that it cuts branches very quickly. It has a tool-free chain tensioning system so you don’t have to do anything but turn a knob.

If you want to change the type of chain pole chainsaw is for people who need to use a pole saw indoors. This tool can be used to cut branches on trees inside of your house without the risk of cutting the roof. It is versatile, light weight and easy to use.

The best pole saw has a 2AH Lithium-ion battery, a comfortable shoulder strap, and a scabbard.

5- Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw

best cordless saw for cutting tree branches

If you need a pole saw with maximum power and efficiency, this is the best one from this price range. It has digitally controlled brushless motors and a 10″ bar and chain. can get this pole saw for less than $100!

It has a telescopic handle and the poles can extend all the way up to 9 feet, so you’ll be able to reach branches anywhere.

This power tool will help cut branches. It is quiet and it lasts longer than most other ones. pole saw is really easy to use and can be used by anyone, even if they have never had a pole saw before.

It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to use in smaller spaces.

The 10″ Oregon bar and chain mean that you’ll be able to cut branches up to 10 inches in diameter with this power tool from Green is a great tool for people who live in places with lot of trees and shrubs. It can cut branches up to 7 feet from the ground though, which is one disadvantage for older people.

It has an expensive price tag, but it’s well worth it if you need a pole saw with lots of power and durability.

This product model is made of very durable steel. It also has an ergonomic handle that allows you to cut branches safely and easily without any risk of hurting your hands or wrists.

It even works well with awkwardly shaped logs, so whether it’s a fruit tree or something else entirely, this pole saw will get the job done.

The telescopic length adjusts from pole saw can cut branches up to 7 feet from the ground and has a 13″ bar and chain.

This is a powerful cordless pole chainsaw that can work for hours without recharging and has a long-lasting lithium ion battery that holds its charge for months between uses.

It works great at cutting wood that you couldn’t normally is a great choice for people who hate having to worry about gas engines. It is easy to use and can be carried around easily thanks to the solid handle design.

This machine is good for cutting thick branches and limbs. You can use it because there is a power button. You can push it on or off.

The power tool is easier to use. It has less noise and vibration. You can cut branches up to 8 feet high with the 3-piece extendable aluminum shaft.

branches are very difficult to cut. This machine will help you to cut branches faster and easier.

This pole saw is a versatile, reliable, high-performance, lightweight, cordless design power tool.

When It Comes to Choosing a Cordless Saw for Tree Branch Cutting, There Are Certain Things to Think About!

You might have trouble finding the right cordless saw. There are different types and brands of saws, but some might disappoint you. You could get a lot of them that do not work well in the end.

When you go to buy a saw, there are some things to consider. First, consider the blade size and type. Next, think about the features of the saw.

Working length/height : 

The words “working height” or “working length” are often used by the company that made the saw without explaining what they mean. Buyers think it means how long the saw is, but it does not.

The length of the saw (pole and cutting head) is how long it is. The length of your arm can be different. If you take that out, that is the real length of the saw.

For example, the length of the product might be 10 feet. The real length of the product is about 8 feet or 7 feet. Most battery-operated saws for tree branches can only go up 12 feet high. They are hard to control when they get longer than 12 feet tall.

What is the best range for a cordless saw that works? That’s not easy to say. The pole can be different lengths depending on how high the branches are. But the best option is one with a telescopic pole.


The weight of the product is one of the most important things to consider when you are picking out a product. It can be difficult to work with heavy products, so it’s best to pick something that is lightweight.

A saw that is too heavy will make you tired. You can’t control the saw and it will take longer to finish the task. It could be dangerous for you if you lose control of the saw.

You need to find a balance between the size of your saw and how much it can cut. Larger saws are usually more powerful.

Balance : 

Balance is important when you are trying to move the object. If the object is heavier on one side, it will be hard to control. Ensure that your choice is balanced with the weight evenly distributed across it.

The weight is not so important. The balance is more important. It is easier to control a balanced saw and you can reach higher up branches with it easily because it won’t be hard to control and you can send the saw towards the branch that you want to cut off.

Cutting bar and chain : 

Different saws have different cutting capacities. The capacity is how big the bar in the saw can cut. That determines what size wood or branch you can cut with that saw.

A cutting bar is the metal bar on a chainsaw. The most common size is 8 inches. There are smaller and larger sizes. Choose the size that will work best depending on what you want to cut.

Choosing the right product with a cutting bar that is at least 2 inches longer than the diameter of your biggest branches.

What size of cutting bar do you need for tree branches? For light to medium tree branch-cutting tasks, 6 inches is enough.

Cutting power: 

If you want to cut things, you need a cutting power. It doesn’t matter if the product is good for other things.

If the branches are thick, get a powerful saw. This will make it easier to cut them. But it is also faster than if you were using a weaker saw.

Removable saw head: 

Some models come with a cutting head that you can remove from the end of the pole. This turns it into a handheld cutting saw.

The saw has a new feature that makes it easier to cut branches. It can be helpful if you want to use the branches for firewood or something like that.

Battery and charging : 

The more work your saw can do, the better. The battery life is inextricably linked to how much work it can do. There’s a lot of time when you want to cut branches and make sure that the battery life is long enough for what you need it for.

How much time you spend cutting branches will determine the batter, it’s not the length of the saw. It’s how many cuts you can make and what size branches will fit in the cutting head before you have to recharge it again.

If the battery is heavy, it will affect how much you can do with the saw. It doesn’t matter how light the product is. You still need to take breaks because it is hard to use a heavy tool for a long time without resting-chainsaws, a longer battery life is better. It will mean that you can cut more branches before having to recharge the battery again.

You should make sure you are using a battery that does not make your product much heavier. Even if the battery has to last for less time, it is worth it.

Many people like to use products that charge quickly. It is better when the product will not take a lot of time to charge.

When your break is too long, it will be hard to get back to work. Your enthusiasm for the job will also decrease.


Shopping for a saw is important because it will help you cut things. To keep the saw in good shape, it is important to know how to take care of it and be able to fix it if something goes wrong.

One maintenance issue is keeping the saw lubricated. Then it’s less likely to have problems because of friction between the saw and the chain. The moving parts also work better.

There are two ways to lubricate a machine. You can do it by hand or you can have a machine that does it for you. If you want to use a machine, make sure that it is easy and stress-free.

Ideally, you would want a saw that automatically lubricates itself because you do not have to worry about when to lubricate it. Many self-lubricating saws come with an oil reservoir that you only need to fill with the recommended amount of oil and then it is ready.

Noise levels: 

In an ideal world, all battery-operated saws for trimming branches would be quiet. But in the real world, they are very noisy.

Noise levels depend on the type of machine. The noise is related to how powerful it is and what materials you can cut with it. If you don’t like loud noises or if you want to keep your neighbors happy, then get a less noisy machine.

If you want a loud noise, look for products with higher decibel ratings. For a quieter sound, find one that has a lower decibel rating.

Safety features: 

Cordless saws can cause damage to you or your property if not handled carefully. Safety features are important to prevent accidents.

The best safety features are to look for are:

  • Automatic shutoff
  • Emergency stop
  • Pole stability

The more safety features there are in a tool, the better it is for you and everybody else.


The warranty on a product is a statement that the maker trusts the quality of what they made. The longer the warranty, the more likely it is that you will get your money’s worth.

If you have two products that seem to be the same, you could use the warranty on both. If one is better than the other, then use that one.

Additional features include:

  • Anti-vibration is good for comfort. It also makes it easier to handle and control the machine.
  • Anti-slip – This can help your saw stay on your hand better if your hand is wet or if the gloves are too smooth.
  • An angled head is when the cutting blade is in an angle to the pole. This can cut branches vertically, but not very well when looking for horizontal cuts.


Cordless tools are good because they are quieter and easier to use than the other ones. They also do not need a cord-like normal saws. A pole saw can be helpful when cutting branches off of trees since it would be hard to get up high with a ladder and take down the branch.

There are a lot of things to think about when you buy a pole saw. It is hard to know which one will work best for you. But this article has all the information you need, including reviews of 5 very good pole saws that should work well for most people.

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