Can A Miter Saw Cut Metal (Aluminum Tile, PVC)?

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Can a Miter Saw Cut Metal?

Miter saws are designed to cut wood and composites traditionally in building and woodwork.

The versatile – saw and the adjustment-cutting that a miter can perform make it a useful tool. Sometimes that job is needing a cut and it’s not appropriate equipment for the situation.

I’ll explain a few types of items to people when they question whether their saw can be cut.

Please proceed with caution and common sense but you do this at your own risk – especially at the cost of the weapon it is used for the type of material it is not built for. It’s important and not easy to get a tool.

What is a miter saw?

Mitre Saws contain a ‘cutting plinth’ integrated into the design to provide a static cutting area. The proper steel blade helps to cut in angle profiles. Stainless steel saw blades with miter cutting ax offer effortless cut through aluminum and other heavy metals.

High-performance disks offer good results to cut through stainless steel with precise, clean cuts. Our full collection of power tool accessories is found here. For more details on power tools.

Tell me the difference between a chop saw and a miter saw?

can a miter saw cut metal

When we look at a chop saw and miter saw we could easily see that they are two very different tools. It not only serves different purposes (material cutting and timber cutting but also operates extremely differently from one another. This article takes you through the various advantages and limitations of all these tools.

can a miter saw cut metal

If you are more interested in the types of miter saws (compounding, sliding, etc.) we also have an article on it. If you want to know more about the type of saws you need to use chop saws in the tools for lumber cutting see these articles.

Key differences between the chop saw and the miter saw

Both knives allow interpolation of materials. The miter saw and the chop-saw need two back fences to hold down the material as it moves quickly. Both machines also utilize a circular saw blade with an exposed top cutting edge that spins away from the user. With both these items, user hands must be kept safe from the cutting blade.

Currently, they both might offer clamping technologies so that the material can be firmly stabilized to cut. Let’s examine the main similarities with those we already have here. The knife and miter saw use two different styles of a saw in different positions. For instance, a chop saw is a miter.

Cut aluminum with a miter saw

can a miter saw cut metal

If your saw’s power arm is exposed and is capped with holes, tape a piece of cloth over these openings to protect windings and bearings while cutting aluminum.

The tip is especially vital when cutting large chunks with thin walls. Without the backing board, the knife could get into it sometimes and the metal would lose its structure.

Trapping the aluminum with wood support as shown minimizes the risk of flying metal shards and makes it easier to hold the metal in place for a cut.

Remember to remove it once the saw has returned to regular service otherwise the motor will overheat or the saw will overheal.

What about cutting metal with a miter saw?

You don’t need to cut as many steel pieces as you would cut wood. Look at some kinds of 3-chip grinding blades. You can achieve a cleaner cut and minimize the amount of dust from sticking to the surface. It is advisable to use safety equipment.

Welder Mitts and a welder mask are fine tools, should you wish to be safe. Even if miter saws turn the blade towards the back there is no guarantee that sparks will follow the blade guide and follow the same flight route as sawdust. Fireballs and metallic bits fly in every direction.

What kind of blade do I need to cut metal with a miter saw?

Diamond tipped blades come standard in many saws designed for cutting metal. Any blade that says things related to cutting steel from a reputable firm should be very reliable.

It doesn’t hurt to check with your local toolmaker, either. Note: The diamond was made in the lab so it’s more economical. Diamond blades aren’t even worth it. They don’t cost as much as make them in labs lab-made to produce diamond blades. 

Chop Saw vs Miter Saw Blades – Abrasive

As with any blade, this provides smoother and less-tangled cuts of most steel material. They tend to have problems making accurate miters because they deflect and flex at work.

Avoid using the abrasive disc in standard metal or alloy. To do so we’d choose a slower saw with a carbide blade with carbide-tipped blades. Some saws use softer materials like aluminum.

However, carbide blades are safer for slower-speaker saws that use the faster carbide to remove steel more safely.

The Milwaukee Steelhead diamond blade uses exposed synthetic diamond grits on its cutting edge.

Chop Saw vs Miter Saw for Metal – Hybrid

Hybrid metal and wood cutting miters are used to cut both metal and wood. They sometimes operate at much lower RPMs instead of the traditional 3500+ RPM of a chop saw. In some aspects a hybrid saw more resembles a miter-cutting saw or a composite saw. The “hybrid” mechanism primarily deals with the slower blade speed and the blade.

The hybrid saws often function similarly to cold cutting saws in that it uses a smaller blade. It uses fewer blade speeds means it can use a steel carbide tip and has no abrasive wheel like high-speed saws.

Miter Saw Blades Used in Metal Cutting

There is a large difference between sharpened wood cutting blades and sharpened steel cutting blades. The woodcutting blades differ from the ones used by miter-cutting saws.

Choose a blade with larger tips than your standard cut. Composite Blades are more effective and less prone to breakage and chipping.

Carbide tip blades reduce the number of fireballs thrown by the friction of the blades.

Usually, Stainless steel blades are very common except they are pale in terms of efficiency and durability.

The blades should have high teeth per inch TPI value so look for blades as close to 100.

Match the blade to the metal

There are two kinds of metal: ferrous and nonferrous.

Steel angle iron, steel roofing, rebar, and steel bolt are examples of ferrous-metal building materials. Non-ferrous minerals are typically easier to cut and often softer than ferrous.

Most metal cutting blades and discs are labeled for cutting ferrous metal.

The two most commonly used nonferrous metals are aluminum and copper. The right blade or grinding disc can be used to cut almost any steel. The key is to match the blade to the material that uses it. 

The chop saw vs the miter saw

Chop Saws are almost every use with abrasive wheel disks, unlike Miter Saws that always use circular blades with various TPIs. The Chop Saw is also known as a metal saw or stone saw so it can handle these types of materials.

Cut saws start from 14″ – or bigger cutting wheels while miter saws are capable of having blades up to 7.5″. The types of blades used are completely different too and you can easily see why the speed of this saw matters.

For now, miter cutting is a controversial choice.

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Will metal cutting blades last on a miter saw?

Some blades claimed to be durable well over 250 to 200 – 300 to be cut on miters saws. It’s an odd stretch given that they would have used them far above intended speed limits.

Cut metal fast

There are many more quick and simple ways of cutting out metal that can be done by DIYers who have more experience. Learning how to weld makes it easier for your DIY skills to grow.

Tips for cutting metal safely

Cutting or grinding metal send tiny particles or shards of metal everywhere. Ensure no damage to the eyes, ears, or skins of someone – not only by cutting metal – but in any traumatic process that can result.

Cut Stainless Steel with a grinding disc

Some hard varieties of stainless steel find cutting difficult. In smaller jobs, a rotary tool with an abrasive metal cutter disc will work fine. For larger jobs attach an angle grinder into an angle grinder.

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Safety tips you can do your job smoothly

The heat produced in this process is very different from that when working in wood.

Not cleaning the blade properly means no clean-cut later. Never remove saw from cutting edge until the full speed is achieved.

The blade kicks forward when you keep rushing. Another rule of thumb is working slowly and consistently.

Always keep yourself safe and with proper protective gear. Even where the sparks are not going to fly or the sharp chips can rub against the lumber or gnaw on your furniture the entire area will be in a danger.

Safer than sorry! Always check the ground for old leaves and debris.

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Blades designated for metal deliver desired performance!!

You may have read something else on the instruction of your miter saw that it can withstand non-ferrous materials like metals like aluminum or copper.

The blade is made out of wood and no metal. Naturally, replacement of those ferrous metals that have metals is a compulsory process.

Many high-level metal-cutting knives are readily available for both types. Have fun with the shopping. It never hurts at all to add your own little tweak, and a triple chip blade is always better than a classic circular blade.

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The usual miter knife blades are made by wood, not metal. In the end the speed they work at becomes impracticable in metalworking. If any of our projects require immediate fast and precise cuttings of metal immediately you can temporarily remove the hardwood carbide blade from the machine and place it alongside the metal cutting edge.


If you have any problem cutting through metal there's no better saw blade than those used in carbide for metal work on your next project. The carbide cutter blade is an example of a carbide cutting tool that can be tailored for use on a metal product.

Miter-saws operate at an almost faster speed than can be achieved by machining metals. This can never be a good thing because both your tool and the workpiece could end as white as newly welded joints during the process. The sudden temperature change can do a lot on the metallic structure so you get to breathe more later.


Why upgrading or switching from a new blade is the best option in buying a blade saw? Don't take it lightly. Besides, blazed hot tools obviously put more risks on your office workstation particularly on one workstation.

The reason most use miter saws is its cutting precision and its ease of use when making a lot of large cuts. These other saws are much more hand-friendly when compared to others when it comes to places with difficult surfaces or in short cuts without a great deal of precision. Mitter saws can also be easier for us.

A miter saw containing a ferrous blade can cut a lot of rebar at one go. So long as you use the right blade and only make some cuts you will see minimal wear. There are better instruments that are better suited for such tasks.

Aluminium is the easiest metal material to cut with a miter-saw blade. You can trim aluminum using a nonferrous cutting tip. Some tougher kinds may become harder.

Miter saws may not be the greatest tools. However miter saw blades can easily get through some steel. Your best results are given with cut off saws or scissors with grinding wheels.

If equipped with the right blades a miter tool can cut stone and some rocks. The procedure is not quick. It produces a lot of dust.


A miter saw maybe not the most recommended machine for hard metal but it can still easily be used in any tough task.

Get the right knife is at work as well, and the user adheres to all safety precautions can use its maximum value for the material.

Keep in mind that this only a temporary solution for cutting metal with miter surgical millennia technology.

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