Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened?

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can cobalt drill bits be sharpened?

Cobalt drill pieces exhibit high resistance to heat, therefore ideal for repeated use. If you have a bench grinder you can easily sharpen it. Drill bits are operated much faster than a typical drill bit HSS.

Cobalt bits work well in cutting through the hardest metals such as bronze cast iron, stainless steel, and titanium.

The dull drill will merely not drill for metal. Sharped drill bits are not worth the cost of an expensive bench grinder or special tools are not worth making. There are all sorts of complicated drill tools out there to sharpen.

Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

(I) How to Sharpen Cobalt Drill Bits?

Here you follow the procedure step by step below!

No# 1

To protect your eyes from flying metal shards, wear a pair of safety spectacles.

No# 2

Turn on the bench grinder and set it to a low speed.

No# 3

Take a closer look at the drill bit’s slick side to determine whether it has been dulled. Find the point at the end of this ice cream cone. At that point, you will see that it is surrounded by ridges.

No# 4

Tighten your grip on the drill bit and pull it toward the grinder.

Hold the bit at a 60-degree angle and lightly brush the sloped side of the conical top with the grinder.

Using a slipstone, repeat the sharpening process on both sides of the conical top. Continue sharpening the conical top’s edges.

No# 5

Using your fingertips, check to see if the drill bit is sharp enough. If the bit isn’t sharp enough, repeat this procedure.

Don’t use a drill too much, or the bit will be ruined.

(ii) Video Guide

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Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

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Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

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(iv) In Depth details About Cobalt and Cobalt Drill bits

Is Cobalt Drill Bits safe?

Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

Cobalt drills have excellent heat resistance which makes a variety of applications possible. But after a while, it is dull and needs sharpening. Generally, cobalt drills drill hard steel and stainless steel.

If you work entirely in hard iron metals then you will be better off with a chunk of cobalt.

Titanium drill parts work better with woods or other tougher metals.

Tips for Using Cobalt Drill Bits

These Cobalt drill bits are manufactured from cobalt that is fused into high-speed steel. These bits are normally strong and highly heat resistant than normal drill bits.

Some cobalt drill bits contain the ability to resist temperature up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. At Wasatch Steel, we have a wide assortment of drill bits that can accommodate any requirement. 

Cobalt Drill Bits

Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

Cobalt drill bits can be cut into stainless steel and cast iron. They’re not made from pure cobalt that’s what got them their name. Although most commonly used for metal they can also be applied in soft materials. They are highly robust objects who work well when others don’t. They are made out of cobalt too. 

Titanium Drill Bit

Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

Titanium drill bits are like cobalt molybdenum tools steel drilling bits. They have even been designed to drill through tough material. To be clear several small differences distinguish them from their Cobalt cousins – though both look similar at first.

Use the Right Drill

Steel or cobalt drills are not suitable for wood and lighter materials. The use of the wrong resources increases the risk of accidents or injury. Aside from your drill, you should also be careful of wood and its softeners. Steel or Cobalt drilling bits might also be appropriate for drilling into wood or other softer surfaces. Aiming at incorrect materials can be deadly for the player.

Proper Equipment

Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

Cobalt drill bits are even more powerful than most – and you need protection if something goes wrong. Goggles and gloves, suitable shoes, and appropriate protective suits are necessary.


Metal will warm very quickly. When you sharpen a titanium drill head the paint will peel away as the heat resistance will also diminish. Because of this, it is very difficult to sharpen titanium pieces for them to remain unusable.

They are of a short lifespan. When you drill metal they can be tough, especially when they’re too hot to work on.

Sharpen the Bit

Cobalt drill bits have more advantages than traditional ones. Cobalt bit sharpening is a straightforward task with any suitable cutting liquid.

The only risk is the loss of the gold color cobalt typically adds to the steel but it’s a small price to pay for a sharp, highly regarded product. 


Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

Cobalt and titanium tool bits are not constructed fully of titanium. Instead, the core has metallic components and an aluminum coating. As we discussed below Titanium is indispensable in the prevention of excessive heat damage.

But these parts contain little cobalt. In the field, it might not seem that big a difference will exist between these pieces. Those are the only rare situations in which the material keeps different objects apart as they tend to cause overheating. 


The titanium coating protects the metal core from heat and dissipates this across the surface. This coating will also eventually fade out the metal coating. Once it is thinner and thick it will not be able to do the job.

For titanium drill bits this coating protects the center of the bits from the heat although it cannot be used to drill metallic with hot metal. The titanium bit is titanium replicating of drill bits.

For Versatility Go with Cobalt

Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

The cobalt bits have more money costing than the titanium ones. It does last longer so you’ll spend more money a long time. These are for professionals – DIYers can also appreciate the benefits.

Cobalt bits are more expensive but they are also better for DIYers, with a lot of projects, used in many different types of products. For more information about this cobalt bit, click here.


Titanium drill holes generally cost smaller than cobalt drills. However, these will not last as long when the coated material disappears with time. As you might think it could cost you more money in the long run.

Of course, some people don’t need any long-lasting material. Those drilling into metal often need to replace titanium bits, adding up to the cost.

Most Common Angle when Drilling a Hole?

Can Cobalt Drill Bits Be Sharpened

The two most common drill bit point angles are 118 degrees and 135 degrees. The 118 degrees bit cutting takes larger aggressive cuts and is often used to drill into soft materials like wood. The difference between the two is the profile of the piece which is steeper and has a smaller chisel.

Things You’ll Need

Cobalt drill bits have high resistance to heat making them ideal for frequent use. But after time the cut edge turns dull and requires sharpening.

If you have any bench grinders you can sharpen these yourself. The drill bits are available in various sizes and varying positions depending on the tasks involved.

Depending on whether you need to drill through wood, steel, iron, or titanium the drill bits can be sharpened with a bench grinder.

(v) FAQ 

Cobalt (HSCO) is considered an upgrade from HSS since this is mainly cobalt blended into base materials. Carbide is brittle and the hardest of the drilling bits materials.

The chisel edge must be 55 degrees from their principal cutting edge. I find a bit of bit slightly sharp better than a blunt as well as can sharpen cobalt drill bit.

Cobalt drill bits are more expensive but offer more extended life. They are more resistant to heat than titanium drill bits. The cobalt drills are stronger and can drill in the toughest metals like the hottest steels.

Cobalt drill screws have grey or dull gold colors. This can be distinguished from ordinary cobalt drills. The color occurs when the bits have been baked. Cobalt Bits are cobalt alloy through and through, and not paint or plating.

Cobalt drill bits are made from steel with a small cobalt amount. An M 35 cobalt bit contains five percent cobalt while an M 42 cobalt bit has eight percent. The higher the grade the greater the price and more heatproof and durable.

Cobalt tools are very hard. They dissipate heat fast to a point. They are mainly used for cutting in aluminum and harder metals - especially stainless steel. A drilling device enables the extraction and recovery of wood, metal fiber, and PVC.

Cobalt chips seem longer and lighter than other components, including titanium. This can often save you money long term.

The more hard a metal the more malleability it displays, the harder it gets.


Both cobalt and titanium have a similar high strength but cobalt was a lot harder than titanium.


Cobalt was said to be much more malleable than titanium and that was noted.

Cobalt bit is used on various materials like steel cast iron and much more. They wear out eventually but they have a way of withstanding temperatures and no breaks.

The cobalt bits are very resistant to heat in drill operations. Cobalt Bite works on steel iron but wears away faster than other drill bits.

While sharpening it you can use a bench grinder or diamond wheel on your dremel to sharpen cobalt bits.

Holding the twister against your fingernails rotate it with some pressure over the nail. A sharp drill cuts into dents. Try it out with some fun drills and you can see the sharpness of the drill.


The most accurate way of knowing if an average small diameter twist drill is sharp.

Final Words

Sharpening a cobalt drill bit is an easy task with the right tools. The steps outlined above can be used to sharpen your own cobalt drills without too much difficulty. Keeping your drills sharpened will keep them working effectively.

Don’t use a drill that is too dull or you may create a larger headache for yourself. If you own cobalt drills, consider purchasing a bench grinder to sharpen the bits regularly.

There are many benefits to owning your own grinding equipment and it makes this task much easier as well.

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