Can I Use 18v Battery in 14.4 v Dewalt Drill?

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Can I Use 18v Battery in 14.4 v Dewalt Drill?

Different types of power drills that you can purchase. Along with the type of drill, it includes the voltage and amperage. The voltages range from 18 volts to 120 volts. Amperages go from 0 amps to 10 amps.

What is important to know is that amps are what make power drills work; Volts are used to measure the potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit (or how much “juice” your drill will have).

You may be wondering if you can use an 18-volt battery in a 14.4-volt power drill; the answer:
unfortunately, is no!

How to Choose the Voltage of Your Power Drill?

There are a few things to think about when choosing the voltage of your power drill.

  • First: take into consideration what type of project you’ll be working on.

Different types of projects will require different amperage levels.

  1. If your project has a lot of holes to drill, a 12-volt cordless drill should suffice.

can i use 18v battery in 14.4 v dewalt drill

  1. But if you’re going to be using it for heavy duty drilling, a 14-volt or 18-volt cordless drill would be better suited.

can i use 18v battery in 14.4 v dewalt drill

  • Second: take into consideration whether or not you want to invest in a cordless drill that includes an additional battery pack and charger.
  1. This way, if one battery starts to drain quickly before the other one does, you can swap them out without having to take a break in the middle of your project.
  2. If you think you’ll be using it often, it may be worth the initial investment to have an extra battery pack and charger.

can i use 18v battery in 14.4 v dewalt drill

The Different Types of Drills

on The Market Today and Their Amperage Levels!!

The most common type of cordless drill on the market today operates at either 12 or 14 volts DC (direct current) and is compatible with all battery types.

  • Some manufacturers use proprietary battery designs, but most cordless drills are designed to accommodate either NiCad or lithium ion batteries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have the advantage of being smaller and lighter than their nickel-cadmium counterparts, however they are typically more expensive.
  • Most cordless drills are sold in 12-, 14- or 18-volt models, so while the voltage may vary, the amperage is usually constant across all models.
  • Although there are some slight differences between manufacturers and models, most cordless drills operate at about 460 in/lbs of torque for a 12-volt unit and somewhere near 650 in/lbs of torque for a 14-volt unit.
  • Depending on the model, 18-volt units generally range from 800 in/lbs of torque to 1,000 in/lbs of torque.

Which Type of Battery You Should Buy for Your Cordless Drill

Ni Cad or Lithium Ion??

If you’re looking to buy a battery for your cordless drill, you’ll want to decide between two common types: NiCad and lithium ion.

Although they operate in much the same way – by creating an electrical current when charged – they actually have some major differences in their overall designs.

  • NiCad:

can i use 18v battery in 14.4 v dewalt drill

(nickel-cadmium) batteries are typically cheaper than their lithium ion counterparts and can be found in 12-volt and 18-volt models.

They also function at higher temperatures and don’t require a break time to cool off before recharging or charging, which is a definite plus for people who need to keep their drills running constantly.

However, these batteries can be heavier than lithium ion batteries and they lose their charge quickly when not in use.

  • Lithium ion batteries:

can i use 18v battery in 14.4 v dewalt drill

on the other hand, are lighter and smaller than NiCad batteries because they don’t need heavy metal components to keep them running.

They can also easily go from fully charged to empty and back again without any problems

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can i use 18v battery in 14.4 v dewalt drill

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Choosing the right voltage for your power drill is important. If you’re planning to use it primarily on light duty projects, a 12-volt cordless drill should suffice.

But if you’ll be using it for heavy duty drilling, make sure that the battery will have enough amperage (approximately 600 in/lbs) and go with either 14 or 18 volts.

Keep in mind that higher voltages require more expensive batteries; so if money isn’t an issue, then by all means invest!

The different types of drills on the market today are typically sold at 12-, 14-, or 18-volts DC depending on brand and model.

Some models even offer two voltages but most carry one constant voltage throughout their line up.

This may not seem like a big difference, but it does affect the torque of your drill.

A 12-volt unit will produce 460 in/lbs of torque, a 14-volt unit 650 in/lbs of torque and an 18-volt unit will produce 800 to 1,000 in/lbs of torque.

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