How to Cut Aluminum Gutter?

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Aluminum gutters are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their corrosion resistance and durability.

While they may be more expensive than other materials, they can last for many years with proper care. If you’re looking to cut aluminum gutter, there are a few things you’ll need to know first.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best way to cut aluminum gutter, as well as some of the hazards involved in the process.

We’ll also provide guide on how to stay safe while cutting aluminum gutter. Read on to learn more!

How to Cut Aluminum Gutter? Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Use a Clamp/ Strap

How to Cut Aluminum Gutter

to Secure the Gutter to a Table or Other Support

  • Before you begin, you should have your aluminum gutter clamped securely to a table or other type of support.
  • This will prevent the gutter from bending out of shape while you saw.
  • If possible, use a table saw with a miter gauge to cut the aluminum gutter.
  • You can also do the cutting by hand if you’re using a miter box with a hacksaw, though this method will be far more difficult.

Step 2: Inspect the Gutter for Sharp Edges

  • After you’ve secured the gutter, take a look to make sure that there are no sharp edges or burrs protruding from the cut.
  • If there are, you’ll need to file them down before continuing with your cutting.
  • You can do this by using a sheet of medium-grit sandpaper to rub down the edges, which should cause any burrs to be ground off.

Step 3: Mark Your Cut Line

How to Cut Aluminum Gutter

  • Before you begin to cut the gutter, you should use a sharpie marker to mark a line along the edges of the gutter.
  • If you don’t, it’s likely that the aluminum gutter will bend while you attempt to saw through it and your cut may not line up correctly.
  • Don’t remove any paint or other finishes that you find on the gutter while marking your cut line.
  • You can sand them off before you make your cut if you need to, but this is not necessary.

Step 4: Begin Sawing Along the Line That You Marked

How to Cut Aluminum Gutter

  • Use a hack saw with a sharp blade to begin sawing along your cut line.
  • You should be sawing slowly and carefully, giving the blade time to cut through the metal without putting too much pressure on it.
  • If the blade starts to bind or you find that it’s taking a lot of pressure to make progress, stop and check your cut line.
  • You may need to recut it if the blade isn’t making smooth cuts.
  • When sawing aluminum gutter, you’ll want to bear down on the saw with an even amount of pressure.
  • Applying too much or too little pressure will cause you to slip and cut yourself, so take your time.

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How to Cut Aluminum Gutter

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How to Cut Aluminum Gutter

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There are a few different ways that you can cut aluminum gutter from a roof. The most common method is to use a ladder and a hacksaw to cut the gutter free from the roof.

You can also use a power saw, though this may be more difficult. Be very careful when using any type of saw near the edge of a roof, as it's easy to lose your balance and fall.

Another option is to use ropes and pulleys to lower someone down onto the roof who can then make the cuts. This is a more dangerous option, so be sure to take all necessary precautions before attempting it.

Use a clamp to secure the gutter to a table or other support.

Inspect the gutter for sharp edges and use medium-grit sandpaper to file them down if needed. Mark your cut line using a sharpie marker before you begin cutting, but don't remove any paint or other finishes on the gutter beforehand.

Stay safe while sawing aluminium by either using an electric Sawzall, a workshop table with wood blocks on each side of the blade so that you can see what you are cutting, or use a hacksaw with glasses goggles on. When finished cutting aluminium gutters pull them away from the sharp edge of the knife by hand carefully.

If you don't have a Sawzall or other type of power saw, you can still cut the aluminum gutter by using a hand saw. This will be much more difficult, however, and it will likely take longer to complete the job.

Another option is to use a hacksaw to make your cuts. This is a little more dangerous, as it's easy to slip and cut yourself while using a hacksaw.

Finally, you could also use a razor blade or utility knife to make your cuts. This is the most dangerous option, as it's easy to lose control of the blade and cause serious injury.


There are many different methods for cutting aluminum gutters, and the method you choose will depend on your needs.

If you’re looking to cut a long section of gutter manually or with some type of sawing machine, make sure that it’s clamped securely before starting so that it doesn’t bend out of shape while being worked on.

We hope this blog post helped answer any questions about how to cut aluminum gutters.

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