Who Makes Masterforce Tools?

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who makes masterforce tools?

A lot of wrong answers running on the internet but the truth is Chevron makes masterforce for Menards the same company makes Kobalt for Lowe’s!

Many people think Masterforce is a Kobalt brand, but truthfully, they are two different brands.

People often get confused between the two brands and use the wrong product.

As it turns out, there seem to be many similarities between both products including their similarities in terms of quality and performance but there are also quite a number of differences that set them apart.

  • Both brands are manufactured by the same company, which is currently part of Lowes’s organization.
  • Their toolboxes are made in Asia and they don’t have actual brick-n-mortar stores anywhere in US or Canada.
  • They both offer a lifetime warranty on their products so if you break it due to poor quality, they will replace it.
  • They both sell a low-quality product that is made in China and neither is a good investment for your hard-earned cash.

However, Kobalt seems to be more affordable than Masterforce when comparing their basic 200-piece mechanic’s toolsets.

But if you buy the top-of-the-line kits for both brands, Kobalt seems to be significantly more expensive than Masterforce.

What’s interesting is that both brands don’t seem to sell socket wrenches, ratchets, and impact sockets separately which might not make sense because the majority of people buy these 3 types of tools as separate units and also because you can find high-quality versions of these three units from other brands.

Also, they both make a couple of specialty tools but there are some special tools for Kobalt that aren’t available from Masterforce and vice versa.

who makes masterforce tools?

1. Introduction of master force

Masterforce is a company with over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing of home improvement products for the general population.

  • They offer a wide range of power tools for installation, repair, and maintenance of every type of property including homes, businesses, warehouses, and more.
  • Write a brief for who makes master force power tools. This company manufactures tools that are made for construction, plumbing, and metalwork.

They have an extensive selection of products including air hammers, welders, angle grinders, circular saws, and rotary hammers!

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2. Who manufactures Masterforce tools?

who makes masterforce tools

Of course, master force cordless tools aren’t made by Miters. The OEM for Masterforce power tools is Chevron, which should not be confused with the oil firm.

  • While you may not have heard of Chevron before, the best master force cordless tools isn’t exactly a novice firm.
  • Chevron is one of the world’s 10 largest power tool producers, and it owns and manufactures some well-known brands such as Skil.
  • Chevron also produces power equipment for other businesses, including Lowe’s, and has previously produced Craftsman tools for Sears.
  • Keep in mind that the Craftsman tools available at places like Lowe’s aren’t made by Chevron; they are made by another company called Techtronic.
  • Chevron doesn’t make or produce any cordless power tools, but it does sell them under its name in some countries.

It also owns several brands that specialize in battery-powered tools, including Milwaukee and AEG. Chevron’s original brand is Hitachi, and if you’ve ever bought power tools made by Hitachi – for instance, the Blue Point brand of electric screwdrivers available at some retailers – they were likely manufactured under contract by Chevron’s subsidiary Jaxon. Incidentally, AEG is also the parent company of Skil.

Just to make things confusing, Hitachi is now a separate company that makes power tools and other equipment and has its subsidiary named Hitachi Koki which manufactures power tools.

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3. Who makes Masterforce saws?

who makes masterforce tools

As we’ve already said Chevron doesn’t make any cordless power tools, but Skil is one of the brands it owns that does manufacture them. Skil’s cordless tools are sold at Lowe’s under the Craftsman brand name.

It should be noted that Skil isn’t technically part of Chevron; it is owned by Techtronic, another manufacturer that also makes power tools for Sears under the Craftsman label.

4. who makes master force power tools for Menards?

Masterforce tools can be found at Menards for an affordable price. They are known for their good quality power tools that are effective and easy to use.

One of their well-known products is the Masterforce 3-in-1 Tool Set which includes three different sizes of socket wrenches, a drill, saw, pliers, wire cutters, screwdriver bits, ratchet handle,s, and sockets.

Menards has a wide selection of Masterforce power tools available in-store or online!

Click Here > To Explore Menards

5. Are Masterforce power tools worth their salt?

Masterforce tools from Force are excellent for the money. While their quality doesn’t approach that of the finest Milwaukee or DeWalt tools, Masterforce power equipment falls into the prosumer category.

They’ll be able to compete with DeWalt and Milwaukee’s cheapest tools in terms of quality.

But they truly compete more directly with mid-range brands like Craftsman, Ridgid, and Porter-Cable.

And a quarter of a century is plenty of time to figure out how to create a powerful tool that meets or surpasses the quality of other brands at the same price.

Although Masterforce tools are not as cheap as their well-known rivals, the batteries are sometimes less expensive.

And in the long run, that’s where the expense comes from. The tool itself may last a lifetime, but you’ll have to replace the batteries every few years.

If you find a great deal on Masterforce tools & equipment and live near Menards, there’s no reason not to purchase Masterforce power tools.

The goal of power tools is to ensure that you’re receiving something of good quality and are purchasing it from a store close by.

That way, if your batteries die halfway through a project, you won’t have to wait days for a new set of batteries to be delivered.

It’s advisable to stick with one line of tools and one battery system. If you can get a good price on Masterforce, which is especially if there’s a bundle offer during or after one of the major shopping holidays, go for it.

If you can buy a comparable Kobalt tool at Lowe’s or a Craftsman tool at Sears for the same price, you may fairly presume the quality will be poor.

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Final Words

Masterforce power tools are generally considered to be worth their salt. They’re not as cheap as some of the brand name competitors like Craftsman, Ridgid or Porter Cable but you’ll save money on batteries in the long run and they still work pretty darn well for a pro-sumer tool.

The company has been around for more than 25 years now which makes them about as old as Kobalt (and much older than DeWalt).

You can find Masterforce at Menards, where there’s no reason not to buy these if you live close by and want something that is both high quality and affordable.

However, make sure it isn’t one of those times when Chervon is running a sale – they only do this every few months, so you’ll probably have to wait until the next time before it’s worth your while.

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